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Work smarter with Ricoh

Ricoh is famous for it's high-quality and durable printers, digital duplicators and multi-function devices. But Ricoh printers and copiers aren't dumb just printers or photocopiers. Ricoh products are smart: an amazing combination of powerful hardware and software made for you to do great work. With a range of speeds, sizes and capabilities choose the Ricoh tool best for your office or classroom.

One tool for every need

✔ Print        ✔ Copy        ✔ Scan        ✔ Share


Smarter so you don't work harder

Ricoh Ricoh’s innovative 10.1 inch colour Android panel allows you to be mobile and flexible. Integrate with your smart phone or tablet, and work from virtually anywhere.


Commercial quality in your office

Finish documents and booklets in-house with striking colour and WOW factor at a fraction of the outsourced cost.


 What Ricoh customers say

By choosing Ricoh we have been provided with the best quality service for our office printers, which are an important asset at any company.

— Rose Thew, Digicel