Cost Control

Reduce print volumes with Papercut

Don't overlook your print costs: we can help you save money and gain control over print volumes and costs in your organization. Print expenses are an often-overlooked area, but by implementing Papercut you can reduce your print costs by up to 30%.

Full visibility on print, copy and scan usage

Find out who is printing or copying what, when, where and how. Report on usage and start tracking costs by user, department or customers. Get further control by allocating print quotas to users, departments or customers. 

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Create print policies and rules

Create intelligent rules to limit user behavior and enforce sensible printing policies. Use pre-built filters to fix simple problems like removing jobs, encourage double-sided printing or create your own custom advanced scripting logic.

Create rules to limit user behaviour and enforce sensible printing policies with Ricoh's cost control print solutions.

Document and device security

Protect sensitive documents by forcing users to securely release prints at the device ensuring prints don’t end up in the wrong hands. Further secure your devices with user authentication via a touch screen or card reader at the multi function device. Add an extra layer of security by using watermarking and digital signatures to include the owner ID to every document.

Protect sensitive documents. further secure your devices with user authentication.

Top 10 Reasons to use Papercut

What are the benefits of cost control software? Download our free guide, which was put together by product experts. Inside, you will find the top 10 reasons why you should use Papercut.

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What Ricoh customers say

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RICOH provides top-class service that has improved internal efficiency and operations within SICCI.
— Dennis Meone, Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce