Managed Print

Control print costs and increase productivity

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • Why does toner cost so much?
  • How come the parts cost almost as much as a new machine?
  • What does it actually cost me to run and service our printers?

We have a solution for you:
Ricoh Managed Print.

  • Imagine never buying expensive toner or parts again.
  • Imagine impressing your boss by slashing your printing costs.
  • Imagine keeping your colleagues happy because printers work when they need it to.

Everything Included

✔ Parts       ✔ Toner

✔ Service      ✔ Monitoring


Control Costs

Ricoh Managed Print only charges you for each page you print or copy. The fixed cost per page includes all toner, spare parts and service costs. This means you don’t have to worry about any unexpected bills. In fact, some of our clients have reduced costs by up to 30 per cent.


Improve uptime

Don’t you hate it when toner runs out? Imagine the time saved if toner was delivered before it ran out. We’re not psychic, we just use software to remotely monitor your environment. If something goes wrong, our technicians are already on there way to you.


Reduce procurement time

If you need toner or parts, we deliver it and fit it. No quotes, no purchase orders, no delays. You’ll just get one invoice from one supplier with one fixed cost.

What Ricoh customers say

We have used RICOH’s services exclusively for many years now because we trust RICOH’s team to work in our best interests and deliver world-class service.
— Siosifa Pomana, Tonga Post