Managed print: what is it and what are the benefits

Buying a new photocopier or printer is simple. Keeping it up and running... not so simple.

Most organisations choose to do it themselves: order supplies, order spare parts and hassle their IT department when things don’t work as they should. But smarter organisations are choosing managed print, which outsources all the cost and responsibility to the supplier.

DIY: The do it yourself approach most organisations use

Generally, the story goes something like this:

  • You buy a photocopier for tens of thousands of dollars.
  • You hope the supplier installs it correctly. You or your IT staff then read the manual to try to get it work as you wanted it to.
  • You order toner when it runs out. You then find out the supplier doesn’t have it and you need to find a new supplier.
  • You receive the toner, but the photocopier has a problem. You get charged $200 for someone just to show up.
  • The person doesn’t know how to fix the problem. You or your IT staff are on YouTube trying to repair the copier you just bought that is supposedly under warranty.

And it goes on.

This story is common and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Managed print: The outsourced option leading organisations demand

The modern approach is to outsource the responsibility to your supplier and only pay for what you use. That is, you should only pay for the pages you print. This eliminates the hassle of maintaining your own devices, keeps your devices running, and minimizes downtime.

The page cost you pay will include everything you need at a fixed cost:

  • Toners you need to run your device, delivered to you, before you need them by using remote monitoring technology.
  • Any service labour and travel to send skilled technicians to do repair jobs right first-time.
  • A service level agreement that guarantees how long it will take someone to turn up, how long it will take someone to fix the problem, and what happens if the problem can’t be fixed.
  • Any spare parts or consumables that may be required by the technicians to keep your device in good condition.

The page cost can even include paper, staples and your equipment!

Managed print: the results

By changing to managed print, leading organisations in the Pacific Islands are finding that they have:

  • Reduced print operating expenses by at least 25 to 30 per cent
  • Reduced downtime by ensuring toner and spare parts are fitted promptly when required
  • Increased efficiency by ensuring printers and photocopiers are working when users need them.

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