Benefits of leasing

You know the IT equipment you need for your team to do the job properly. But it’s too expensive and outside your budget. Your finance team then forces you to buy something that’s in budget, but it doesn’t do the job properly and it costs a bomb to maintain. Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Avoid handing over a large outlay of cash to your supplier and still get the right IT equipment you need by leasing your equipment with Ricoh. Ricoh’s leasing plans ensure you have the latest technology with zero capital expenditure.

Simply lease your IT equipment rather than buy it

Leasing is a simple arrangement:

  • Just like rent: You rent the equipment for a specified monthly amount, which you pay over a minimum fixed term ranging from 12-months to 60-months.
  • No end of term commitments: At the end of the fixed term, return the equipment to Ricoh with no commitments or simply continue to rent the equipment on a month by month basis.
  • Upgrade at any time: If your business needs increase, upgrade to the latest technology at any time during the lease.

Improve your business’ finances

Leasing delivers many financial advantages over buying your IT equipment outright:

  • Cash-flow management: Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars up-front, reduce your cash outlay to a small, manageable amount paid every month.
  • Allocate valuable working capital elsewhere: Keep the capital you would have otherwise spent in your business where it can be used for growth.
  • Tax deductible: The lease will be an operating expense, which will be a 100% tax deductible expense not a slowly depreciating asset on the books.

Lease your IT equipment to ensure you have the best technology

  • Stay within budget: The smaller, manageable monthly payment allows you to get the right tools you need to do the job.
  • Be up to date: Technology moves fast, but if you own it you might be stuck with an obsolete asset for many years. By leasing your equipment, you can continually upgrade your equipment for the latest and greatest technology as it becomes available.

Ricoh’s leasing plans offer you the flexibility to procure the right technology without overextending your budget. This flexibility is now enjoyed by a number ofleading organisations in the Pacific Islands who have partnered with Ricoh to deliver the IT equipment they need, on-time and on-budget.