Where you're wasting your print budget

We are often asked to find ways to reduce our customers print costs. To work out their costs, we conduct a print audit where we ask a lot of questions and spend a lot of time in Microsoft Excel. At the end of it, we have a report about where our customers are spending their budget and where they can save money.

Our print audits are revealing that for customers in the Pacific Islands their biggest print cost is actually print outsourced to a commercial print company.

The types of documents often outsourced includes:

  • Business reports for meetings
  • Retail flyers to promote sales
  • Glossy brochures to engage customers

Businesses in the Pacific Islands are outsourcing these documents because they need themprinted in high quality. But it is now possible for businesses to produce high quality colour printsin their own office. While it makes sense to use a commercial printer at times, businesses cansave a lot of time and money by producing these common documents in their office on demand,as and when required.

By bringing colour printing in-house, our customers have found that they can:

  • Reduce expenses: in-house printing is a fraction of outsourced printing
  • Speed up delivery: reduce wait times by printing on-demand.

Our customers have also found the investment in Ricoh colour printers was much less thanexpected. Because print technology has advanced so quickly, Ricoh colour printers are muchmore affordable than they were in the past.

In addition, Ricoh colour printers can be fitted with finishing accessories that allow you to makefinished documents like booklets automatically. You can actually setup an in-house printery thatwill produce most of the colour documents your business needs. And no one will even know youdid it yourself. In fact, some of our customers have found that documents printed on a Ricoh areso awesome people often think that they have been printed by printery in Australia or NewZealand!

By investing in Ricoh colour printers, our customers have been able to increase flexibility in theirbusinesses, reduce costs and speed up projects. To find out if you can benefit from bringingcolour printing in-house, contact us for a free print audit.